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Artistic Statement

     I am a NY based, dynamic theater artist who aspires to be an influential director. Training in Musical Theater has shaped me as a person and imaginative artist.  My goal is to inspire others to be themselves by bringing a sense of humor to my work as well as critical thinking through a creative lens. I am dedicated to fostering collaboration as a core principle in my work. The rehearsals that have been the most fulfilling were when I collaborated with the actors on characterization and table work.


     In order to succeed as a director, you need to oversee every facet of a production with strong project management, quick decision-making skills and the willingness to compromise when needed. One of my strengths is being able to coordinate plans and people in order to complete work under tight deadlines. The various productions I have directed or assisted directed have pushed me to test my limits in critical thinking influencing my choices in a play/musical even as an actor. 


   “What is theater?” is the age-old question everyone has been asking for centuries. Most of us participate in it and don't even realize it. I believe theater could be boiled down to kids in costumes playing pretend in the backyard or as simple as you telling a story to your friends at a dinner party. I want to break the barriers and expand people’s perception of performance. 


    I am drawn to stories of joy that use theater as a way to escape. I want to use theater as a tool to have conversations about hard topics.  In the age of social media where people are extremely impressionable, live theater is important because it teaches people empathy. As a director I accomplish this by using humor, storytelling, and speaking from the “I” as an outlet for exploring complex subjects.  My goal is to evoke emotion and change within an audience member. 

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